Through our partner brand – DCM Consumer Assist – we provide debt counselling services to your employees. This service is aimed at over-indebted employees providing them with an alternative solution to rehabilitate themselves in the shortest possible time period and partner them on their journey to financial wellbeing.

Our national footprint of DCM Consumer Assist has accredited Debt Counsellors that can assist employees on an individual basis. The benefits of debt counselling to the employee include:
  • Peace of mind – once under debt review creditors can’t take action for 60 working days provided that the over-indebted employee makes payments as agreed to with the accredited Debt Counsellor
  • Facilitation of the debt review process on the employee’s behalf by their own personal DCM Consumer Assist accredited Debt Counsellor
  • Reduction in total monthly debt repayments (dependent on the individual’s level of over-indebtedness)
  • We deal with creditors on the employee’s behalf and come to an agreement with them so that they don’t have to
  • Allows the employee to make one payment every month and we distribute the funds to the creditors on their behalf
  • We provide frequent and up-to-date feedback on the debt review journey via email and SMS
  • We deal with the lawyers and courts on behalf of the employee on matters pertaining to the debt review journey
  • Ensures that the employee can access credit in the future once the debt has been paid in full and they have received a Clearance Certificate
  • Our national footprint of accredited Debt Counsellors means we have extensive negotiating power with credit providers and other stakeholders